Have you ever noticed how often we know how to handle someone else’s business and life, but we have trouble figuring out how to solve the problems of our own business and life? In our society people find themselves judging others and/or trying to control things that are not within their control. And there is a lot you can’t control. Hurricanes, floods and mass shootings, the past and the future are some of the obvious things you can’t control. Some of the things you can’t control are less obvious. For example, you can’t control what other people think, feel, say, do or even what they think about you. Really think about that. Surprise! You cannot control what others think about you. In fact, what other people think about you is not a reflection on you. It is really all about who they are being. Surprise again! What others think about you is none of your business.

In fact, the only thing you have control over is you, the present moment, your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions and integrity.  These live in the Center Of Your Business. These and only these are the Center Of Your Power. Everything else is Not Within Your Power, Not Your Business.

Let’s be clear, mass shootings, hurricanes, floods, what other people think, feel, say do or think about you can be upsetting. In other words, these things can disempower you. When that happens, you can use the Centered In Your Business (pictured above) as a visual guide. Anytime you are feeling disempowered or upset do a Thought Dump. A Thought Dump simply means writing down everything that comes to mind. Then ask yourself: do these thoughts, feelings and beliefs reside in the Center Of Your Business or in the blue areas of the visual guide. If you find your thoughts residing in the blue area, then it is a great time to get back into the Center Of Your Business. You will be amazed how quickly you will move from disempowered to empowered! When you are empowered you will feel so much better. If you need help moving into the Center of Your Business, schedule a free sample coaching session at www.CindysCalendar.com