Is work ethic only tied to our job?

Is it only something we do for a paycheck?

Is it dependent on how our employer is treating us?

How our co-workers are or are not performing?

How we are feeling in that moment?

If we are being totally honest, whether we are self-employed or employed by someone else, we all have times when we aren’t giving our best. We give ourselves a pass because we are tired or ill, or because there is upset or drama in our personal life that is grabbing all our attention and energy, or we just dealt with a difficult customer or employee. Or our boss, in our opinion, is creating a problem. So, we make excuses. We give ourselves a pass.  I’ve done it and if you are totally honest you have done it too.

I want to give you some ways to think about your work ethic and what to do when you just aren’t feeling it.

If you have an employer or a superior that you report to, consider they are not your boss.

You are your own boss. You are the CEO of your life. Everything you do in your personal life or job is you performing for yourself as the CEO of your life.

Once you realize that whether at your job or in your personal life that you are the CEO, the boss, you realize that you, only you are responsible for how you feel and how you perform. The saying: “You’re not the boss of me” is actually true. You are the boss of yourself.

At the beginning of each day choose to be the best version of yourself. Choose to be the employee that you as the CEO would want an employee to be.

Be your own boss. Be the CEO of your life. At the end of each day with your boss’ hat on ask yourself these questions: “Based on my performance today would I hire myself.” “Would I write myself up for review.” “Would I fire myself.” Why or why not? This is not to beat yourself up. This is to give yourself an honest look at yourself through the eyes of a boss and to see where you can grow and improve.

Choose to give value. You are not paid by the hour, week, month, job. You are paid for the value you give. If you were the business owner and you hired an employee that showed up at 8am, left at 5pm but only sat at their desk staring out the window all day or playing video games on their phone, you would fire them. They didn’t provide the value they agreed to provide for the wage you agreed to pay.

You are paid for the value you provide, not the time you put in. So, whether in your personal life, your own business or your job, ask yourself: “How can I provide tremendous value to my customer.”

No matter what your work is, everyone has customers.

Your employer is your customer, your supervisor is your customer, a co-worker that you collaborate on a job with, is your customer. In your personal life, your spouse or significant other is your customer. Ask yourself: “How can I provide all my customers tremendous value?”  Give tremendous value for the sake of giving tremendous value not for the sake of getting paid. The money we receive is connected to the value we provide not the time we put in. So, give value to all your customers.

I have clients tell me all the time “But my boss said or did …..” “But my co-worker did or didn’t ….” “But my spouse or significant other said …..”  So What. Seriously So what.

Here is what I tell them: The truth is it only takes one person to change a work situation, a relationship or a family.  Really, it always only takes one person – you.

I know this can be a hard concept to wrap your mind around. Still, I am asking you to consider that in any situation it only takes you to create the work environment or personal life that you want. It only takes you staying in the “Center of Your Business”, not judging others, just being the best version of yourself, giving tremendous value.

Now I didn’t say it would be easy. We all have so much disempowering dialogue in our heads and we get triggered by what other people say and do.  So being the best version of yourself takes managing your mindset and daily doing your thought work.

Showing up day in and day out in any given situation requires the daily practice of working on your mindset. Our minds don’t want to do that because doing thought work requires you really take an honest look at yourself. Thought work makes us uncomfortable. Our minds are created to be efficient and keep us safe. Feeling uncomfortable won’t feel safe. I hear people say things like: “I just couldn’t make the time.” “It’s been really crazy, hectic, busy.” “I have so much to do.” “I just don’t have time”

I get it. My mind says these things too. I want you to recognize these thoughts for what they are. They are your mind trying to protect you and keep you safe from change. Just acknowledge your internal dialogue and do your thought work everyday anyway. Just start with 5 minutes a day and work up to 15 minutes a day. That’s all it takes. Practice that for a month and soon you will want to set this time aside. You will crave it for the difference it makes in your life.

Here is a mindset exercise to help you be the best version of yourself each day.

Start by acknowledging how you actually feel – be honest – we all have days when we just aren’t feeling it. We would rather stay in bed or binge watch TV, play video games or surf Facebook. If you are feeling empowered that’s great. Just start with how you honestly feel.

Now that you have gotten real with how you feel, use The Model (by Brooke Castillo):

C- Circumstance

T- Thought

F – Feeling

A – Action

R – Result

In the C line write the Circumstance (facts no feelings):

C- I work at the bank from 9-5

In the T Line write your current thought about the C line

T – I hate my job.

In the F line write how you feel – one word.

F – Frustrated

In the A line write the action you take when you think and feel that way.

A – I just do what I have to, get in, get out.

In the R line write the result you are getting.

R – My boss wrote me up for poor performance.

Now use the same model to create how you want it to go, but remember the C line must stay the same.

C – I work at the bank from 9-5

Now how do you want to think and feel to get the result you want. Try this:

T – My job is amazing because it pays my bills and gives me weekends off or I love the customers I work with.

How does that thought make you feel?

F – Happy

If you thought the above thought and felt happy what result would you get?

R – I received a great evaluation

I promise you how you show up in at your job or in your personal life is totally and completely up to you. I have had clients in difficult jobs with difficult bosses that went from wanting to quit their job, to loving their job.  It is all how you, yourself show up and that begins with your mindset work. When you show up day in and day out as the best version of yourself, providing tremendous value to all your customers, you will have developed a strong work ethic. A strong work ethic in your work and personal life gives you the discipline to create the life that you want for yourself.

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