This week I asked my private closed Facebook group “Choose To Soar” (You are welcome to join this group) what their thoughts on money were. Here is what they had to say:

Money is:

Useful for what it enables me to purchase.

Of itself, no value.

A necessary evil, but it allows opportunities to make a bigger difference.

The love of money is the root of evil.

Evil people use money too.

I am not a money driven person.

Yet, I would ask:

Why not be money driven?

What is money really?

A lot of people that I talk with belief that if they are money focused or money driven then they are not people focused or they are not value focused. I would ask you to consider that this is not true. I would ask you to be willing to consider the possibility that money is the tool that creates the freedom to focus more on serving people. It is the tool that allows us the freedom to give of our time. Consider that money is the result we receive when we give great value.

I believe money is only a resource. Just like air is a resource. I want you to think about being open to the resource of money versus being closed to the resource of money. Just like being open or closed to the air you breath.

You would never say I am not motivated to breath or I am not driven by breathing. You would never say I have plenty of air to breath. Please don’t give me any more air to breath because I am not focused or driven by breathing air. Of course, not. You need air to breath or you die.  Give me lots and lots of air. When I have oxygen I can think, create, get into action to serve and to provide value.

Now you might be saying: “Cindy thinking about money like air is just silly.” But what if thinking about money as a resource was not silly? What if it wasn’t your salary, hourly wage or debt that determined your abundance?

What if your thoughts about money created your actions and your actions created your results. Remember our thoughts determine how we feel. We take or don’t take actions based on what we think and feel. Those actions create our results.

Many of us have been raised to accept disempowering thoughts about money that limit us. I want you to get at your beliefs about money and transform those disempowering thoughts to empowering thoughts about money.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you begin to notice your disempowering thoughts about money:

How much money do you have right now?

What is the reason you have that much money?

What are your feelings about how you got that money?

What are your thoughts about making more money?

How do those thoughts make you feel?

How much money do you have compared to the bills you have to pay?

Does that amount of money versus the bills you have to pay make you feel empowered or disempowered?

Do you avoid knowing how much money or debt you have exactly?  If you do, then that is a key that you have disempowered thoughts about money, and you will benefit from dealing with them.

Write down your disempowering money thoughts. Then turn those disempowering thoughts around by asking:

What thoughts do you want to think automatically about money?

If this is too hard, that’s ok. Step back and write your fear story about money:

I am afraid that if I had $______________________, I would _________________. Then I am afraid that. And if that happened, then ….. on and on.

Or it might be I am afraid I will never make enough money to ___________________ and If I don’t make the money to do ____________ then that will happen and then this will happen…… on and on.

Shorten your fear story down into the root of “I am afraid ____________. Here are a couple of examples:

I am afraid I’ll do drugs if I had $_____________________

I am afraid if I don’t make enough money to retire my husband I will fail my husband.

Next, find your fear in the shortened fear story. From the above, the fears are:

I’ll do drugs

I will fail my husband

Of your fear, ask:

Is it true? (yes or no)

Can you absolutely know it is true? (yes or no)

How do you react when you believe that fear?

What feelings do you experience when you believe that fear?

Turn the fear around. Examples:

I am committed to my sobriety.

I am a great wife.

I am successful.

Here are some more empowered money thoughts for you to try on:

I can earn more money.

I love money for how it allows me to serve and to give.

Money solves many problems.

I am open to financial abundance.

There is plenty of money for everyone.

I would encourage you to find and examine all your disempowering thoughts about money. Tell your entire fear story. Ask the four questions about your money fear and transform that fear into empowered thoughts about money and practice those empowered thoughts daily.

Imagine if we were all Millionaires or Billionaires the amount of good we could do in the world. I don’t mean this as a cliché. I am serious. There are so many worthy causes, people hurting and in need in this world.

Having money creates time freedom. Money is the resource we use to solve problems. It takes money to provide housing for the homeless, recovery programs for drug addicts, education, programs to help heal the emotional pain we see acted out weekly on the news.

It doesn’t have to be a big societal difference. What if you had the money to give yourself the time freedom to care for your aging parents or help care for your grandkids or care for your disabled spouse or even your best friend. What if you had the money to fully pay for college for your kids? That is using money as a resource to make a difference in the world.

I challenge you to look at your disempowering thoughts about money. Transform your money fears in to empowering thoughts about money. Treat money like the resource it is and then go make a big difference for those around you!