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Want to think your dreams into reality?

The Spark Mindset Coaching Twelve Weeks To Transformation program is unlike any other one-on-one coaching program! You’ll start by finding and examining the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are keeping you stuck and stopped. The coaching you receive will unlock the door to your inner wisdom. Transform your thoughts, feelings and beliefs into the powerful fuel that will pull you towards your dreams! By the end of the 12 weeks you will have set solid goals and learned all the tools necessary to go further and achieve more than ever before!

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Mindset Coach Cindy Esch is a “thriver” of childhood sexual abuse and a 5+ year “thriver” of metastasis breast cancer. She was stuck in a dead-end life. Her personal journey of discovery lead her to participate in many different trainings where she learned to use powerful tools to assist not only herself but others examine their thinking. She now teaches her clients how to use these tools to move from disempowered to empowered in any area of their business, work, life or relationships. Cindy lives by the motto:

“You’ve only got three choices in life: Give up, Give in or Give it all you’ve got”

Her greatest desire for you is that through this program you will give your life all you’ve got so that you can live the life of your dreams!

Cindy is available for individual coaching, group coaching, employee training and keynote speaking.

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“I live my best life, the way I want to.”

“Cindy has helped me be brutally honest with myself and face what’s holding me back through inquiry. It’s been quite a journey but so rewarding … I am more centered, loving, more at peace. I see things differently. So many light bulbs went off … and amazing things are happening in my life.”

– Emily Osborne, Owner/Agent at State Farm Emily Osborne Agency, Inc

“I discovered what was blocking me from moving forward…”

“I felt like I had hit a roadblock that was mostly due to negative self-talk. I could not find a way around it. Through the mindset work with Coach Cindy, I learned how to turn it around and now I am achieving the results.”

– Heidi Simmons Fit For You Health Coaching

“Helped me to discover and develop a plan of action”

“Most of the time the solution is within us … with perspective change comes a behavior, emotional and habit change. Cindy helped walk me through a particular situation which moved me out of my rut and propelled me forward. She found the gem that was within me.”

– Jeff Jolly


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